Extending your theme, Adithi, and from the perspective of my three score and ten years, the older you get, the harder it is to find and make genuine friendships. Somewhere in the middle years, new people you meet stay as acquaintances, never moving into the zone of true friendship. The longest lasting are those you make in your early, formative years: teens and twenties. There is a certain freshness in the experience that fades with time -- and a lack of pretence and posing that creeps in as you get older. I am what I am; take it or leave it. In the current era of absurdly easy connectivity, "networking" is pushed as an important skill. "Influencers" have the status of movie stars. I hate the term and the activity. It has a manipulative undertone that can never be the basis of good friendship. One other thing that you can do: connect your friends to each other when you feel that such an introduction could be a good thing. Cheers.

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