Hi Adithi! I have been reading most of your relaxing articles, but only today I thought of “ commenting” ... by the way, is that a loaded word?

You write as if you are conversing , sitting by my side, and it is sooooo soothing..

You remind me of Mathrubootham who used to write such articles in the Sunday Hindu...

Every day incidents can be material for philosophic thought as well as for entertainment.

May be some time, you will let us into the interesting world of doctors, patients and such allied human incidents.

To cut it short, I enjoy your writing!

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Welcome back to the real world, Adithi. Glad to see that you are recharging your batteries surrounded by Nature in Yelagiri; the pictures are lovely. Keeping a journal is a must for every thinking person. Virtually every famous/ successful person has maintained one, thanks to which we have insights into the working of extraordinary minds. A bullet journal is the current favourite tool for many people, although I have not been able to fit it to my style. The key to good journaling is regularity without being compulsive: write for pleasure and not as a duty. Journal entries need not always be personal events. Any idea, thought, story is fair game. Cheers.

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